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Delta Centrifugal Corporation began producing stainless and high alloy centrifugal castings in 1968. Operations were moved from New Orleans to Temple, Texas in 1973. Delta Centrifugal Corporation has a worldwide reputation for excellence in the manufacture of centrifugally cast products. Our customers span the globe from small businesses to large international corporations. ¬†Although Delta operates as a job shop and does not design or engineer products for sale, we have the experience and expertise to understand and help with your applications. Delta produces castings to its customers’ specifications, whether as cast, rough machined or finished machined. ¬†

Customer Service Around the World

Delta’s strategic focus is our customer service and capabilities. Delta utilizes independent sales reps throughout the United States, Europe, and India to sell our castings and assist with any customer needs. These sales reps are supported by an in-house sales staff that is always striving to improve our customer service. Our machining operation allows us to provide our customers with a turnkey product. We continue to expand our foundry, machining, and testing capabilities, as well as outsourcing customer requirements for which we do not have the resources.

Delta furthered its status as a world class manufacturer by adopting lean manufacturing integrated with Six Sigma in 2003. Lean manufacturing is reducing the time from customer order to manufacturing and delivering products by eliminating non-value added waste in the production stream. Non-value added waste refers to such wastes as storage, transportation, over-production, processing, unnecessary motion, defects, and waiting. A lean manufacturer is continuously improving.

Our emphasis on quality products and service is demonstrated by our ISO 9001:2015 certification, while our emphasis on the environment and health and safety is demonstrated by our ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications.

Delta’s operations include Texas Stainless, Inc. Texas Stainless is a metals distributor and sells castings produced by Delta as well as other metal products.

Delta Centrifugal Corporation can be summed up by its mission statement. It is simple, but it shows how dedicated we are to our customers and the castings we provide them:

Delta Centrifugal Corporation employees are committed to providing each customer with the highest quality centrifugal castings and service at the lowest possible cost.