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Quality Centrifugal Alloy Casting

Casting and Machining over 200 Alloys

Delta Centrifugal Corporation produces centrifugally cast products in iron, nickel, cobalt, and copper based alloys. We produce over 200 grades of stainless steel. Use our Alloy Reference Guide or search our database to see the specifications and properties of many of the centrifugally cast products which we produce in our foundry in Temple, Texas.

Experienced Foundry Professionals

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Delta Centrifugal's Professionals have the experience to understand your needs and the facilities to meet those needs. Original equipment manufacturers of all types rely on Delta Centrifugal for their quality-crucial, centrifugally cast component requirements.  You can too!

Cast or Machined Metal Products

At Delta Centrifugal, castings are available "as cast", "rough machined" or "finish machined." Sizes produced range from 3" to 30" in diameter in length capabilities of 200+ inches. 

Certified for Quality

Delta Centrifugal is an ISO 9001-2015 Certified Corporation. We are proud of the effort on the part of our managers and employees to meet these standards. This dedication to quality is why you will find only the best centrifugally cast products in iron, nickel, cobalt or copper-based alloys and machined products.

High Quality Castings        Precision Craftsmanship
Excellence in Service